Curved Minigolf Slope

I’m trying to model standard minigolf tracks from references and encountered this track with a curved, smooth slope:

I managed to get approximately what I wanted using guesswork and boolean modifiers with an extruded circle, but it has a lot of ngons, which makes it hard to keep working on it, and the angles are not precise or uniform at all.

(Left picture shows n-gons and slope angle, right picture shows lines “perpendicular” to play direction in strange angles)

I would prefer the slope’s edges to line up to the border edges, so the inner and outer borders can be connected in a straight line.

How would you create the slope for better topology and a cleaner result?

a.) Create a profile (edges) then Extrude & Adapt (step-by-step)
b.) Create profiles (edges) then Bridge in-between
c.) Create Curves for Profiles and Loft between (using Curve Tools addon)
d.) or use Curves To Mesh ($21)

Thanks, using curves makes a lot of sense and I now have really nice geometry.

I haven’t figured out how to correctly use the loft tool for the gradual slope yet, but I’ll probably get it done soon.
Thank you!