Curved Sides on a Plane/Rectangle???

I would like to create a plane, that I can extrude a little for depth, but I want opposite edges of the plane to be curved (as depicted in the image).

I’ve tried playing with bezier curves and even trying that means 8 anchor points, somehow exactly aligning the corners (and turning them into sharp corners), somehow exactly centering the anchor points on each side, trial and error trying to make sure the handles are the precise length on each side, etc.

So, I’m thinking there’s probably an easier way. Right?

I would appreciate any tips, directions, or links to tutorials (I’ve tried but don’t even know what to search for :frowning:


I think this is what you are asking, correct me if I’m wrong…

one more to come in the next post…


and step 4…

You’re looking for default Circle then…Hint. Or deal with 2 Bezier points set to Vector, Shift D duplicate them, scale x -1 if in top view and finish by select 2 points and F connect. To get points and handles flat, select and s y 0.

Added bonus - drop in Default grid and using proportional edit mode scale side middle vertexes in.

Thank you so much! It certainly is easier than what I was trying.

Well, I understood “default Circle” then the rest of the shorthand might as well be Greek :wink: It’ ll take some more experience on my part to understand what that all means. Thanks for chiming in though!

:wink: i know that was somehow short, however, as you pointed out, you have already played with blender and curves before…
Assuming you have seen Bezier curve at it’s best while in edit mode and taking into account that blending equals using keyboard a lot…
here comes transcript:

  1. add Bezier curve, go edit mode with it, on Properties panel for curve click 2D button.
  2. switch Top view (numpad 7), select all (A), delete.
    3)Ctrl left mouse click anywhere you want (in 3dview window)
  3. on T-panel click Vector button
  4. on keyboard: e,y,3,Enter,e,x,3,Enter,e,y,-3,Enter
  5. Shift select first point you added (should be on the left), press F.

Here you should see square. If not, something’s gone wrong.

7)Shift select 4 handles on the left and right side.
8) s, x; move mouse until you like the shape.
9)add slight bevel on curve properties panel, extrude a bit

Curve part done.

Happy blending!

Thanks for the translation!

;). Wait, that’s not all to it yet.

Now when you’ve (probably) gone that long way, there is one more, a bit shorter.

  1. Add default Plane
  2. In edit mode - Delete, Only Faces.
  3. In Object mode - Alt-C Convert to Curve
  4. Set to 2D on Properties tab and Set Spline Type - Bezier on T-panel

Here you have it again, nice and tidy. Forward to No.7 in previous post.

Happy Blending!