Curved Wall Question


Firstly, as a new member of this forum I’d like to say ‘hi’ too you all. I’ve visited before and found a lot of helpful information which has helped me to get started with Blender. I’m primarily a coder but I’ve decided to expand my personal tool set to include low poly modelling which will save valuable time during the project design phase.

I’m doing ok at the moment, but I’d like some advice on creating curved walls as featured on the building shown on the attached image. I’ve searched the web for a solution, but up until now I’ve been unable to find a definitive answer.

Should I use a curve modifier or is there a more effective way of producing the result ?..

Any hints would be gratefully received.

Just use proportional editing set to smooth.

Thanks Anthony, I’ll give that a try. I did look at proportional editing but overlooked the smooth option.

Multiple options. Deform modifiers like lattice and mesh deform with a helper object for example. I’d probably use a lattice for its adjustable resolution and interpolation settings. As modifiers, those are non-destructive, and can influence the geometry on multiple objects. How successful that is depends on deformed structure(s).

Thank you for the tip, I’ll take a look at the lattice and mesh deform modifiers.

I’m quickly realising that Blender is a very capable and addictive program :slight_smile:

Also make sure if you want to do this that you give you box enough vertices that it can bend. If you just make a normal box and follow any of the tips given here you won’t see anything. You will have to take your box and sub dividie it a couple times first. Probably the best way to make that shape is with a lattice, but the quickest and easiest is with proportional editing. Personally I would use the lattice in case you wanted to make adjustments afterwards… Not that you couldn’t with proportional editing but it would be more difficult that way. Best of luck.

Many thanks for your reply…

Fortunately, (after a bit of trial and error) I realised that subdivision or loop cutting would be needed, it was proportional editing and smoothing that I’d overlooked. Since then I’ve been experimenting with several methods such as the lattice modifier and the ‘Blender workflow’ is becoming much clearer.

Note: I have been responding to the answers on this thread, but there’s a delay as my posts require moderation. Your help is very much appreciated.