curves modelleing

is thre a tool or may be a script that allows to complete a partielcurve in mesh or curve s

i mean like a partiel edge loop addition that wold go faster to complete a model
see pic


If you are using an actual curve (like a bezier), just press C in edit mode. This will Close the curve. In an mesh object, the only thing I can think of is to select the two verts on either side of the opening and press F to fill it in. This of course just creates a straight edge between the two verts, but you can subdivide that and move the verts are to make the shape you want.

when you add a edge it wont be as taking into consideration the tangent of each end you have to subdivide and then places the extra verteces where they should be

i was tryin to ind a tool or script that could take into consideratin the tangent at each end and fill up an estimated curve to complete the missing part
this is mathematically possible - it’s just a ttol to help go faster

may be somehwere there is a script to help do taht!
in any case this wold be a great tool