CurveStretch in 2.57

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I’m trying to create a curve modifier object in 2.57 by following step-by-step instructions written for version 2.49. In one step the tutor use a function called “CurveStretch”, but I cannot find this is button in 2.57?

The video tutorial is by Nyquist and can be seen here The steps are briefly summarized below with screen dumps.

First, in 2.49 a box with several ring cuts (Ctrl + r) are created and a curve modifier with a Bézier curve object is applied, this is what it looks like:

Then the function “CurveStretch” is applied, highlighted by red

A close up on the Curve and Surface options

Thus, I’m trying to recreate these steps in 2.57, but I can’t find the “CurveStretch” function. Any help here is appreciated.


With the curve selected, go to Properties->Object Data->Path Animation and check ‘Stretch’.

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Thanks MCollett, got it, but it feels a bit out of place, I mean to put it the “Path Animation” panel… anyway, its a quick way to construct a bent tube. In case useful for anyone I attach a few screen dumps.

Checking the tick boxes “Stretch” and “Bound Clamps” gives

and then extending the Bézier curve

and render