Curving text

I have created a line of extruded text - all letters joined so they are one object. I would like to curve the line so they wrap around a sphere and float a bit off its surface.

The warp modifier doesn’t seem to do anything and the manual has no illustrations.

The mesh deform modifier is the same. I tried ‘binding’ the text line to a cylinder but nothing happens.

I tried using proportionate editing to pull the center forward, but that only works in one dimension, so the letters are ‘racked’ and no longer have 90 degree corners (as seen from above)

I tried using a lattice, but that has the same effect as proportionate editing.

I tried using the simple deform / bend, but that stretches the line of text horizontally around the bend instead of just bending the line.

I tried compressing them first in that axis, then stretching them back out in a curve, but that requires a lot of trial and error.

There is probably a way to do all this, but the manual is pretty skimpy.

Thanks for any clues.

You can use the Simple Deform modifier. The deform factor is the amount of bending in radians


bend.blend (116 KB)

Thanks, Richard. I had tried that and it didn’t work before, but now I have figured out why. It is necessary to “apply” all the transforms before adding the bend modifier. Thanks for the bend.blend file - there are a couple of lessons in there.

1.Try to bend converting text. Buggy with simple bend operation.

2.Try to bend text. Object like a flat mode with 4 subd. Get Heavy object and still not solved broblem
Bugs with inserting pictures


Can`t do anything for good result in Blender
the same with importing geometry


Dont change text to mesh. Use extrude and depth options under Object data to get 3D look. This will solve the geometry problems. If You need mesh then You will need to fix geometry to quadas by yourself. But since You dont apply any complicated texture it is not realy needed and saves You a lot of time allowing to get good result very fast.

2 example without converting to mesh.
share plz anybody example with bendy text with smooth mode

I added a blend so You can check how it works

did you try rendered?
bugs with edges

edges looks fine for me


@rrtk: The problem really stands out when you place the text on a curve using the curve modifier and add lights to the scene. Here is your scene lit with AO approximate mode and a single point light.


text.blend (492 KB)

Cycle, light

never have this problem(bend geometry like 3d text) in other software

Yup i get the same in cycles but internal with render U set to 64 looks fine.

**edit well never mind looks like AO mess it up in iternal asswell So basicly You cant use curve or deform modifier with it as Atom said.

You could try using remesh modifier on the text and then use curve modifier.

so many movings to do simple operation!!!


  1. Create text(polygon mesh no need converting)
  2. Apply bend(no need create helpers and manipulation with them)
  3. Perfect result(cap front face without hard edges and bugs)