Custom 2.66a build with MP3 support on OSX

I’m trying to get a custom build of 2.66a working with MP3 support on OSX and XCode. I think I’ve included all the CMake parameters that might do anything with audio but my custom builds won’t work with the files.

I’m mostly working in the BGE and when I try to open an MP3 in a ‘sound’ actuator I simply get an error “unsupported format” if I select the MP3 file. The official build of 2.66a loads the file and plays it correctly. In addition, I have a custom build on Win32-32bit using GCC and SCons to build and that handles the MP3 files correctly.

Does anybody know which flags in the CMake config control MP3 support?


This was a silly mistake. I went back and looked at my CMake settings one more time and saw that I was actually tweaking the settings for my trunk build instead of the 2.66a build. I’m still not sure which flag turns on MP3 support, but some combination of the ones that I added did the trick once I started tweaking the correct build.