[Custom Build] Blender Fracture Modifier

(scorpion81) #1641

No, I meant you can add a new instance of the Fracture Modifier to an object (there can be only one FM per object). And yes, you need to use the Fracture Modifier branch:

You can either download a build from here:

or here:


Alternatively, you can check out the branch “fracture_modifier” from your cloned git repo and compile it.

(Parsa Rahimi) #1642

The program crashes in extreme scenarios where thousands of pieces are present at once but this doesn’t happen if I get a clean version of blender and install the plugin manually

(Kai Kostack) #1643

Well, it’s the same here as on GitHub for the BCB: we can only fix a problem when we can reproduce it. So please either post a .blend file or give us step-by-step instructions on how you made it crash. Thanks.

(Gilles Charbonneau) #1644

I converted my Houdini destruction workflow, pretty much all that I’ve learned over the years, over to the Fracture Modifier, so I was wondering if you guys would be interested in an advanced architectural destruction tutorial for Blender?

It wouldn’t be free because my personal computer desperately needs an update, mainly because of the Flip Fluids add-on(these simulations are killing my old CPU), and I need a much better video card to work with Eevee, but the tutorial would be cheap, maybe 10$.

So lemme know here if this would be of interest to you and tell Me what you would like to see in such a tutorial!

Here is a render of a model I made for such a tutorial…

(JTA) #1645

Nice work GCharb. Feel free to do whatever you want.

I personally like to keep the F/LOSS spirit alive and well fed so I don’t promote paywalling anything in general regarding F/LOSS. Fracture Modifier will never be paywalled since that would restrict access.

Although there are a growing set of highly professional services that IMO and in other’s opinions that keep the spirit of F/LOSS alive and well while asking for financial compensation.

I’ll take some time sometime to find my personal links on the subject and post them soon because this question has come up before. But this is just my personal opinion and conviction.

You are free to do what you feel is best for F/LOSS and/or yourself of course. I personally would put it out for free to keep with common F/LOSS standards and nag screen or put a donate/Patreon button tastefully in peeps faces.

I would help you with any FM use questions anytime. If I help you make a paid tutorial then IMO that’s me just taking money out of my pocket and putting it in yours because of the cost of my time. Again, just my personal opinion and thoughts on the topic in general.

As far as a Houdini workflow being applied to FM. I personally would rather someone dig into the FM docs that I took hours and days volunteering to create giving away freely at my own financial expense and use those docs to come up with a really hard core uniquely FM tutorial that empowers users with the awesome concepts Scorpion81 and the rest of the team have put into the FM.

Again, just my personal opinion and not meant to discourage you. Just meant to enlighten you and others as to my personal opinion on how I contribute to the FM. Either way you decide, good luck and as always… Fracture ON!

(JTA) #1646

BTW, just about any attention given to the FM is good attention. : ) So keep it coming peeps. It is appreciated and welcome! Fracture ON!

(Gilles Charbonneau) #1647

Hello JTA, and thanks for the reply!

I printed the documentation, really good stuff, I read it several times when I did, as for tutorials, I have been making tutorials since the mid-90s for all sorts of 2D/3D software, never charged a penny for them, my latest endeavor was Moho/Anime Studio video/written tutorials, you can find them here…

I was also famous for my Animation Master tutorals back in my Amiga days, this one would be my first Blender tutorial, normally I would make it for free, but my personal computer really needs an update and I just cant justify the expanse at the moment, hence the idea of asking a bit for this one, on the other hand it would be an advanced one, those are rare in the Blender community, most are for beginners!

(scorpion81) #1648

Hmm a suggestion what you maybe could show in your tutorial would be for example tearing this building down with a wrecking ball. The fractures could be detailed down to brick or cluster of brick level, the wood could splinter, smoke could be emitted and debris, windows could break. But each brick as individual rigidbody would probably be very slow in simulation, hmmmm.

(Gilles Charbonneau) #1649

Hello scorpion81, fancy meeting you here again! :slight_smile:

The basic simulation would be an explosion, as it would involve the use of force fields, fire and smoke, and the whole set of effects tools, but a wrecking ball is also a good idea, as it involves a different set of tool for the animation of the ball itself, and yes, as with my previous test, I would create a scene with actual brick, the framing itself has more than 1400 pieces of woods, so yes, it would slow things down quite a bit to have a rigid body for each bricks and each pieces of wood, but you have to admit that it would look cool! :slight_smile:

(scorpion81) #1650

Hmm, can you make your simulation more awesome looking than my humble attempt here ? lol… Mine is only a quick viewport render. So it should be simple… and mine is only “fast bisect” fracture.
Technically it is no wrecking ball, either :slight_smile:
Model is from Blendswap https://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/45211

(JTA) #1651

Saweet @ AM tuts! I worked with a couple artists on their AM animations. Excellent results…sucked that it didn’t export at the time we were using it.

I probably got linked to some of your tuts. I critiqued workflow methods regularly for one of my associates that used it and he fed me a lot of links.

I love Lew’s Killer Bean 2! And Pump Action…classics!

Fracture ON!

(Gilles Charbonneau) #1652

Better models tend to make better looking simulations, the one you used is a bit simple, mine has 225K polygons, the bricks, roughly 36k of them, are a big chunk of that, and it has all the parts of an actual building, but it makes for longer simulation time, my goal here is to get as close as possible to what can be achieved in Houdini, but using the Blender Fracture modifier branch instead, movie quality simulation!

Here is an image with the actual building, the bricks, the framing, and the drywalls.

(Gilles Charbonneau) #1653

Yeah, AM was the best at the time, all spline based and the community was great, it still exist BTW, but Martin and I had a fall-out when I made a post pointing at all the shortcomings of the software at the time, many of the big users like me, Joe Cosman, and many other we’re also banned, even the maker of that year’s mascot was banned, Martin was very touchy about his software, he wrote me a very long letter explaining to me how I had let him and his company down, very intense stuff!

I am still in contact with many of these guys, like Billy Eggington, Brian Prince, and few others, good times!

(howardt) #1654

I also have fond memories of the AM community, where my 3D developing itch got started (Fontwiz!). Nice to have GCharb here!

(icyou520) #1655

Is FM build still going to be implemented into 2.8?

(JTA) #1656

Yes it is being worked on. BUT…according to the core devs a lot of things need to be fixed in 2.8 in general still and with physics and modifier work needing to be done in the second wave of effort from what they say it may be a long time before FM in 2.8 is feature comparable to FM in 2.79x . Fracture ON!

(Kai Kostack) #1657

Just in case you missed it, here are some car destruction test videos done with FM and BCB :slight_smile:

(GCastro) #1658

Does FM or blenderphysics have a discord channel? Looking forward to trying out FM!


(JTA) #1659

Hey George! Good to hear from you…we don’t have a public FM discord but we have a team discord that we have invited a select few to join for various development purposes. I’ll Personal Message you to discuss it further.

Feel free to jump on any of the blender discords though and ask about the FM. There’s FM users there and I’m on all of them.

Fracture ON!

(Kai Kostack) #1660

More simulations done with BCB + FM :slight_smile: