Custom clock with leomoon text counter, but always starts at 00:00:00

Hi i made a custom clock where i when i change the value it changes the time and i used a driver expression: var*(1/25) which automatically changes the time for me but it always starts at 00:00:00
any way that i can set a value for it to show a random time i choose and start from there?

Just change the value of “var”

How? haven’t figured it out

Well… “var” can’t just exist in space, it has a value, otherwise, your driver would be red and nothing would change. How did you create the driver? What inputs are you using?


Ok cool, so you’re using the current frame as the value of “var”. (There’s an easier way to do that, just use #frame, but that’s ok.) Since you still need frame, you’ll need to add something to frame- your random number- so your final driver expression will be:

(var + < random number >) * (1/25)