Custom Designed Sniper Rifle

I got carried away with some elements, like the flashlight :stuck_out_tongue:
I took elements from all sorts of rifles and put them together. Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:

It might be a little bit on the green side… :eyebrowlift2:
Nice model though.

Well, a few pointers. 1, no flashlights on snipers. It’s like putting a flashlight on a telescope. 2, the barrel short. You’d have a hard time hitting a tank from a 500m with that. 3, you have what appears to be a random barrel clamp on the barrel. Now there might be a gun with a clamp like that, but I have yet to see it. 4, the stock could use a little bit of refinement and smoothing (especially on the fore stock and handle). other than that, it’s a great model and will be looking forward to your future projects.