Custom Ford Pick Up

Hi i am new to this site friend told me about it buit here is what i am working on at this time


here is a picture of the front end


Well by golly…I am the friend…lmao…I think it is looking good shaggy…I think that te wood grain in the box goes with the green paint pretty well…look forward to seeing updates…

Looks powerful. But if you were driving that thing I don’t think you could see the road from the hood of the car. It’s the third of the cars lenght and it kinda draws too much attention from the whole thing. Other than that looks real sweet :slight_smile:
Oh and… pick ups are made to transport more stuff from the regular cars and like such are made to be further away from the ground.

Looks ok as far as modeling goes but why the hell would you want to ruin a truck like that? Especially a good Ford?
Its not really a truck anymore, just a car with a bed…

Wow! you guys are way to critcal! havent you ever heard of customization? There is nothing wrong with this…he chopped the top as do alot of muscle enthusiasts. That is y the hood looks so long and that is why it sits so low because he dropped it. way to [email protected]%^ critcal you are.

This truck would take a lot of flak where I’m from (Idaho). Everyone here is all about lift kits and smokestacks. But this is a modeling/animation forum, as far as modeling is considered, the truck looks nice. The wood in the back is sort of difficult to make sense of though. Other than that, it looks pretty sweet. :slight_smile:

I used to drive a 1983 Ford F250 for work. Best truck ever. The belt snapped on the highway and it kept running perfectly. (Only noticed a loss of A/C, but we didn’t care cause the windows were down.)

All my friends love the low rider…

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Well I am guessing most of you not from U.S.A cause here you be really surprized on how many trucks you will see that is lowered and maded custom and the wood box in the back is for speakers but im working on redoing it didnt like that style ill post a picture soon i get it and i dont have nother truck that is jacked up for mud bogging

i have redid the speaker box in the back and added in the speakers and the amp


here is a new more updated version of the truck added alot more detailed and removed the speakers and added more thickness to the grass and alot more work left to the truck got over year in to this truck