Custom Formula 1 car render


I hope you are having a great day.

I was wandering if anyone could possibly render me an F1 car but in my own brand colours?

If possible could you let me know how much this would cost and how long it would take?

I’d be looking for 3 angles, like the following and I am happy for you to basically re-theme an existing F1 car render you have rather than create a new one from scratch.

Thanks for any help

I am willing to do it but I would need to make a F1 car. I am relatively new to blender but I think I can meet your task. It would however cost a bit more and take a bit longer. Pricing:
Cost of Professional F1 Car on Turbo Squid - ~$180
Plus 3 High Quality Renders at $15 per render - $45
Minus Noob Status - $80
$145 dollars would seem like a fair price if you find my work acceptable.

Sorry I did not account for the fact that you would not be getting the 3d model, so that price is way too high, it would probable be around the $80 $100 price range seeming the work I’m putting in to make the model.

I am willing to do it! I could model my own F1 vehicle for $200. Just contact me somehow if you are interested, if you think the price is too high we could possibly come to an agreement.
My Portfolio (For reference) :
My Email : [email protected]

$100 dollars is way too low. Modeling and rendering is a good deal of work, and that’s honestly not enough to keep a computer running. But I won’t debate that here. If you want high quality work, you’re going to need to offer up a slightly freer price.

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Hey there! I could do you really nice renders with the angles you want. here is a link to my previous car renders :
I could do you the renders for free but if modelling and texturing are required I could arrange a price under £80 please get back to me via pm or email if you are interested :slight_smile: my portfolio is

I am OT here, and I do realize that OP does not need models, but just for other newbs that might read this and do pricing like this. This is wrong, you do realize that on Turbosquid you take into count that you will sell this model several times. So if one selling you directly that model and you are transferring all rights to you, price for that model would be at least 10x more. So do not take TS pricing like this when you are offering modeling services.

It’s more complicated than that and not necessarily wrong. You can offer the same deal as purchasing a 3D model from online stores: you make the model and you keep the rights, the client gets the render and model but is not able to sell it further. That enables you to sell the model online thus possibly enabling you to match your offer to online store prices.