Custom Hair Shader

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been working on this custom hair shader on and off throughout the year, and I am very happy to finally share it.
CC_Hair is based on a PBR shader model that replicates the naturalistic properties of real hair and fur.
It removes the hassle of creating hair setups for every project, or attempting to replicate hair color through trial and error. With only a few parameters, you can easily achieve naturalistic results.

In consideration of @amyspark implementation of an upgraded energy conserving based algorithm for GSoC 2018. I decided to release this to the community for free. I hope it’ll find great use and save everyone lots of time. So feel free to donate! :slight_smile:

Documentation example:

I also made a video overview of my custom shader:

Shader and Documentation:

Thanks and Enjoy! :slight_smile:



Thanks. This looks really interesting!

Thanks for sharing. Excellent work.

Ehh, how did you get the degree ° sign exposed in the node group? How do you get it anywhere in Blender - my usual alt+0176 shortcut doesn’t work in Blender.

This is really nice! Thanks for releasing this.

lol I’m not some wizard :stuck_out_tongue: It’s plugged in directly from the Hair BSDF offset socket, and it works!

I can only say: wonderful. It almost allows for AI level control!

amazing! thank you.

Dude you are awesome !

Thanks everyone for all the kind words! :smile:

Wow! Chris, this looks so great! Thank you for your intense labour on this shader! Wonderful contribution to the Blender Community!

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