Custom layout startup in Blender 2.79

Hi, I just read the documentation about the amazing option on FILE>Application Templates on blender 2.79. They mention a directory hierarchy (Check), startup.blend and userpref.blend (Check) and a .py file to register and unregister the theme (not check) and a possibility to add a custom splash screen (not check).
I don´t have any kind of clues where to get a template workspace to customize that .py file is required. Please help: that´s the link to documentation.

I didn’t need the .py file for it to work on my system, but I haven’t been trying to distribute it. The splash screen worked as well.

How can we create a template ?

edit : Ok I found !

Watch this video of Pitiwazou (Blenderlounge)

How do we make an application template with certain addons and shortcut keys already activated? Thanks.

Include a startup.blend and userpref.blend.