custom made revolver (More add-ons available)

I’ve been working on this custom desing revolver for a couple of days now.
I started with some basic shapes and I was going to do just a regular revolver, but then my imagination started to flow and here I am.

So the model is quite futuristic, and its supposed to look more self modified than a factory built revolver.

Modelling is pretty much done except some little parts like screws and stuff.
And Im also planning on modelling more alternative accessories, like red dot sight or scope.
Then texturing and finally scene somewhere in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a cool model :slight_smile:

That is a bad ass gun! The only thing that I can see is that the wire isn’t very smooth. If it’s a curve all you have to do is turn up the render resolution and then it would be perfect. I can’t wait to see this thing with materials. Great Job!

That is a great looking gun you got there. What is the purpose of the cord hanging down. I assume that either goes to a battery or activation switch for the laser site. If that is case, why not wrap it up and around the top of the trigger?

pretty fricken sweet, nice job! the bullet looks a little too long for the chamber, also i’d be really interested in seeing what all the mods are supposed to add to the gun, like the wire, it looks like its going to a mic, but i bet its something else. nice job, i’m subscribed!

Thanks for comments chaps.

Now some ansvers to questions.

Yes the wire looks edgy atm, but its only due to low subsurf level, so It will be smooth in the final product :wink:

The purpose of the wire is to bring power to the laser sight and also to function as a pressure sensitive switch, so that when you slightly squeeze the trigger it activates the laser. So you were on the right tracks there :slight_smile:

Bullets are right size, straight from the chamber :smiley: its propably the perspective that makes them look too long in those renders. And that is a laser sight under the bullet chamber, I think its a bit more usefull that a mic :wink:

I love the detail on the model, but i dont really like the location of the laser. Personally, i think it would look better mounted under the barrel, but then that might make the cord from the grip too long and in the way.

nice: I think you should put some subsurf on the little cord, or wire.

thanks guys :slight_smile:

I agree that the laser could look better under the barrel but since I already modelled the rail under the bulletchamber, for any add ons and such, I’ll propably stick with it.

And as mentioned, subsurf will be added for the wire :slight_smile:

thanks for stopping by everyone

Ok, some details added, and more add-ons available :smiley:

Heres a render with the base model and the current add-ons

Then some renders how the ungrades fit with the weapon.

Dont bring a blade in to a gunfight, unless its attached :cool:

One with the reddotsight

And if you are a really poor at aiming, this should help :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice modeling

with bullets that big, you won’t need more than 4, that’s for sure. the end of the barrel looks really nice, the way the bevel blends with the top sight rail. does the cylinder swing out to reload, or is it a breakaway frame?

I was thinking of a system where the whole cylinder would come of, like a magazine. So you dont have to remove the cases and insert new bullets, you just put in a new cylinder. But the problem would be how the cylinder would remain in the exactly right location so that the shaft that holds it in place would go nicely trough the hole in the midle.

Looks great. I like the Knife attachment. In reference to the cylinder: Most old cap and powder revolvers had drop-in cylinders (since they had to be packed from the front). Most, used either the swing-out or breakaway frames like mexicoxican mentioned. I have seen some where the cylinder simple falls out when you pull the shaft out far enough. However, they are a little more cumbersome to get the new cylinder back in. Basically you have to hold the cylinder in place and push the shaft with your other hand. Not the best thing to have to do in the heat of battle.