Custom Matcaps

I find MATCAPS to be useful however there could be more. Is there a way to install custom MATCAPS as either images or zmt files?

There are currently no way to add custom matcaps to those coming with blender 2.66. This feature is planned.
There is still the way you’ve always been able to do, by adding the matcap texture to the object material, set to shadeless and mapped to the objects normal. This only works in textured mode.
See the attached blend file.

You can’t use .zmt files, all you need is the image texture


matcap.blend (216 KB)

thanks for the reply.

I also found this. Just in case someone in the future needs to know how to do it.

not certain if matcap can work on my PC with intel chipset
any sample working file with a smiple matcap in latest SVN

i did a test and i can see preview image for matxap in N panel
but cannot see the Matcap option in object panel


As an alternative to GLSL matcap you can try this , it should work even without GLSL :

-Be in multitexture or single texture mode (in 3D View -> N Panel -> Scroll down to Display)
-Load the model you want to display with a matcap
-In the UV/Image editor load your matcap file
-Go to Edit Mode and unwrap your model (even a simple project from view will be enough, no need to make a real unwrap)
doing that is only so we can have the image assigned to the model , so it is not important at all how the unwrap is, the result we want do not care of the uv coordinates, so even a simple project from view (that is the fastest unwrap in high poly mesh) will work good.

-Make sure in the UV/Image editor your unwrap is assigned to the matcap image you loaded

-In the UV/Image editor press N and at the Game Properties tab change from “UV Coordinate” to “Reflection”

-In the 3D View change to Textured display (or stay in Solid mode and enable Textured Solid in the N Panel) , and voila, you have your model with your matcap without GLSL (but you need to be in Perspective view for this trick, in Ortho view, the matcap coordinates will be ruined)

(note if you are in textured display, you may want to remove your lights so you don’t have shadows on your model and only use the matcap self shadows)

ok nice trick
also saw the other method by Ben

but i was wondering if it works normaly in GLSL mode on my machine

is there description on how to make it work in latest SVN

does this always requires to have UV unwrap also?
or can work in solid mode normal proc texture ?

i mean i cannot see the option matcap in object panel ?
is there another var to be set up to make it work may be?


In 2.66 matcap can be enabled -while in Solid mode- by pressing N in the 3D view, scroll down to display and find the matcap button, enable it.
But if GLSL does not work on your system, the matcap should not be displayed because even if you’re in Multitexture display, 2.66 Matcap still use GLSL code.

The original method for displaying GLSL matcap pre-2.66 (still work in 2.66 if you want to add your own GLSL matcaps) was to add a Material to a model, make it shadeless, then in the Texture panel for that material, load the matcap file, then set the Texture Coordinates to “Normals” instead of the default “Generated”.

Then in the 3D View press N -> scroll to Display and enable GLSL
And finally go into Textured View.

did not find this description in wiki or relesse notes!

now when you say upload matcap file where do you find this file ?
and i assume thsi works only as UV image texture not with proc texture cause it is an image


I’m not sure what it is you’re asking, matcaps are not uv, they’re images, and so you load them as you load any other image in blender

did not find any good doc on how for this new features work in 2.66
apart of a brief short description for release notes

and i still dont see the matcap option in object panel
so not certain why i dont see it ?

it might still work in GLSL have to test it and see what happen even if not 100 %

even if my card is not very good !


You mean you don’t see this button in 2.66 ?

not that one
in the object panel user on the right
there is suppose to be a new option for the material matcap instead of solid

but don’t see it

see red rabbit’s pic here


In the screenshot the build is a 2.58 version of Blender.
Probably one from graphicall or with a special matcap patch, but not official.

JWilkins worked on some GSOC that had to do with sculpting tools, i guess this screenshot came from his GSOC branch of that time.

edit : bingo !
He was working on Matcap in his GSOC in 2011, and that screenshot was indeed from his GSOC branch

so this is not the official doc for 2.66

and this feature does not exist in 2.66 for the object option!

are these matcap files comes with 2.66
or have to download these from where?


The matcaps are compilled directly into Blender (and probably why for now you can’t add your own, you can only use your own if you do it the old way with Material->Textures in Normals coordinates or with the old texture “reflection” trick i mentionned)

It’s not in Object panel. It’s in N panel under Display (where you select GLSL, etc.). It’s just called “Matcap”.

i found and old folder with some matcap files
not as good as the one in 2.66 but can see it in texture mode !