Custom node editor

I’m just about starting my first blender add-on.
I’m going to create a custom node editor. I’ve found some manuals about creating custom nodes for node editors that already exist, but I cannot find any information about creating custom views and exactly custom node based edtiors.
I want my editor to appear in this list

And I want to create totally new editor with my own set of nodes. Is it possible and somehow documented in the api? Does anybody have any experience in this?
Any help will be appreciated.

I found class bpy.types.Space and it has type called NODE_EDITOR. Is it exactly what I am looking for? are there any examples of using this class?
I found an animation nodes adon. I think it uses exactly same api that I need. But I still would like to hear any advice from somebody who knows this topic.

check my simple node addon. It will show you the basic build of an node addon.
All base setting is here
You can find register node tree in BASE/node_tree

Thank you very much. That’s exactly what I was looking for