Custom OBJ Importer - Python scripting

We are an engineering company working for Subsea Oil&Gas Business in France: STAT Marine.
We are using Sketchup to model subsea equipment that we then import into blender for still and animated rendering.
The process is quite painful and repetitive and I am sure that we could gain a lot of time by having a “customized” importer.
This is how we proceed now:

  • Model in Sketchup (skp file)
  • Export skp to .OBJ file (the Collada compatibility seems really messy…)
  • Import OBJ model into blender with standard importer
  • Link external material library to the new file
  • Replace the imported materials with linked ones (basically replace a “local” material named “Paint” with a linked material named exactly the same “Paint”)

We could also automatized other actions like applying scale, set to smooth shading, adding a edge split modifier…
We do not have the Python knowledge to do it ourselves, but we would be happy to pay a reasonnable amount to have it done by someone with the proper skills!
Do not hesitate to contact me for further details (example files, etc…)!
Other jobs may also be required as we have a lot of processes that could be accelerated with proper scripts…
Thanks for your help


Did you find someone for this? If not, I could do it.


have you solved this already / are still looking for someone to do this?

best, h