Custom object properties as attribute in geometry node

I need a help.

How to use / import object custom properties value into Geometry Nodes.

I used BlenderGIS addon to import a shapefile into Blender.
My shapefile have attribute that descibes for ex. building height, amount of floors etc. But it could be also height of every single tree in a region. Anyway…
I can access custom properties of object with data and values.

I am trying to use Geometry Nodes to play with that values. Is there any node / transforemer that makes it possible to access values from custom object into attribute value of geo-node?

If you can help somehow - all tips will be appretiated

Hi, you should be able to create drivers from your object properties to your geometry node tree

Hi, thanks for your answer… the question is how :slight_smile:

As any other driver ! Here’s a tutorial on youtube :
Create the driver on a value node, and use your custom property as variable

Thanks! I will give it a try.!