Custom sedan

Here’s a custom vehicle I’ve been working on for 3 days now, it’s turning out to be a beauty! I started out just wanting to make a neat low poly vehicle, then started to feel the need for an ultra HD look.

Sorry for the heavy amount of photos, this car has so much to show, even in it’s currently unfinished state.

Now let’s remove some parts to show all of the hidden details! :smiley:

Love how the engine is turning out, so detailed!

Time to see the interior, this photo also helps you get a closer look at the door handle and mirror. :wink:

Even the interior is highly detailed (Will look better once finished)

I even wanted the mirror to look good. :yes:


For some reason that last photo posted itself twice, and would not show up when editing the post, so I left it. anyway, lastly we come up to the tire, showing how it realistically hugs the rim.