Custom shader BSDF or outdated node?

I have a file that I downloaded and am looking through the materials/textures and seen this “ReflBSDF” node in one of them.
I have never seen this node before and was curious about where it came from.

I know that the node is muted but…
Is it a scripted node? Is it a node no longer available?


I think it’s just a label/name on the node. You can view the original node name in the sidebar (press N in the shader editor if it isn’t shown yet). Note that the refraction node here is just for example, it commonly applies to any nodes.


Also it seems some sockets are hidden. To completely expose them press Ctrl+H while the node is selected. You can also try press Tab, if nothing happens then it’s just a relabeled default node (a custom made node/shader will then let you edit it if you press Tab).

DUH! Why didn’t I think of that!?!

Thanks purbosky!

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