Custom shape controls for torso area in rest position -- angled or straight?

What is the standard/best approach of orienting custom shape controls in the torso area?

  1. Angled:

  1. Straight:

Since I’m using some of the real underlying torso bones for the custom shape transform, the angled approach reflects exactly the angle of the bones. However, it’s a bit difficult to see if your torso is really at rest position. (Granted, if you zero out the rotations, you’ll know that you’re at rest position; however, it’s difficult to tell when looking at the 3D view.)

If I try to make the custom shapes parallel with the ground, it’s a good visual cue to see when I’m close to rest position. However, when setting up the rig, it’s a pain to rotate the custom shapes exactly to get the shapes parallel with the ground. And besides, it’s not really indicative of the actual bone angles under the surface.

I’ve seen rigs that have used either approach. Is there a standard? Other than what I listed above, is there a super compelling reason to use one approach or the other?