Custom Weapon

This is my first day on this forum, so I have no idea where to post this. but I want some honest feedback. When I developed I did it for fun and on a “Gunz” private server, I was always the best out there for Gunz, but after seeing this community my eyes opened up. Turnes out in all honesty i SUCK AT BLENDER. But anyway this is my custom creation, opinions? oh and one more thing, if someone would not mind help tutor me at character creation on blender or maybe Maya that would be great, thanks guys

that’s pretty sick, man. if you’re going for individual models then you’re well on your way but, it’s also good to learn about makng a good composition…

How the heck do you use it without hurting yourself, those aren’t the most comfortable looking forward grips or recoil pads. lol

why are you using 2.49?

Yeah, that’s the gun that no one would dare use for fear of being fatally punctured. :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks guys. This is a custom gun like i said, its not really made for “use” aha, I have another edited version without spikes so its actually usable but it doesn’t look “cool”. So anyway, About V 2.49, im so used to selected all verts with B, that I cant switch to higher versions they changed it up so much I don’t know, what to do.