Custom Window/Editor Addon

I want to create an addon that will be fully contained within its own editor. I’ve seen information on how to edit panels within windows, so I could add a panel to the object tab of the properties editor, but I want to be able to select “MyProgram” instead of “Properties” and have all my own custom panels, and maybe even tabs.

Is this possible/worth the effort? If so, is there any information out there on how to accomplish this? I have been searching for a while with little success, though maybe I’m just not searching effectively. I figured better to ask some people who know what they are doing instead of continuing to stumble around in the dark :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for the help!

Is this possible/worth the effort?

IMHO, no. I have abandoned creating slick panels under the properties tab for an object. The code is enormous just to do the layout. Then you are faced with the lack of events for the controls you do layout. It really is an incomplete system. I am more interested in making my script do something rather than managing some layout panel.

What I have been doing is focusing on just making sure the custom properties themselves have a MIN/MAX value and a description. Then I make my script read/process the custom properties on a frameChange.

Maybe I should have been a little more specific on what I’m trying to do. My end game is to be able to basically give my addon to someone who doesn’t know anything about blender and have them be able to use it easily. My plan was to include a startup file that had only the 3D view and my window so that they could do everything they need to within that. If I do stray away from making a custom window, what would be a good way to make it easy to use my addon to an inexperienced user?