Customise - Paint Select hotkey ? (C)

Is it possible to customise the Paint Select hotkey to toggle on when you press and hold the ‘C’ key and toggle off when you release the ‘C’ key?


I knew I wasn’t the only one doing this.

  1. Scroll down to View3D Gesture Circle, it’s right below the Circle Select entry.

  2. Disable the first three entries (Cancel, Cancel, Confirm).

  3. Expand the fourth entry (Confirm).

  4. Change it to C key. Also set it to Release.

… oh wow …

             L E G E N D !

Thanks iceythe!


Just out of interest, how did you learn to do this? Are there any resources for understanding this level of customisation?

Although I looked for it, the Blender manual doesn’t go into this depth for the Keymap Editor.

Glad you got it working.

Mostly Google, Blender stack exchange and here. The rest I just figured out by solving my own mess. Change one keymap - something else stops working. It’s a house of cards.

While the hotkey editor is indeed pretty powerful, the complaints about its convoluted process of customizing, lack of conflict detection and logical categories, however, are sadly justifiable.


In my experience of Blender (and customisation) so far - if it’s useful and simple, I keep it.

(And again, THIS really is one of most fluid tools yet. As close as it gets to MODO click and drag to paint select)