Customizable UI Discussion

(zanzio) #81

You could also argue that things are like this right now. This is why tutorial makers typically don’t use pie menus. They don’t want to confuse new users who don’t know how to enable them. Having more customization shouldn’t present a big issue for tutorial makers because they will be able to teach the default setup.

However, everyone seems to think having that amount of customization is as easy as “just do it”. Judging from statements from developers in the past, this is a more technical issue. I don’t understand the complications, but it seems that they have to be careful with how they implement customization.

(Antaioz) #82

As “the free option”, Blender will naturally have many multiple times more new users than other software. Not just users new to blender, but new to this type of software entirely.

So there’s less people likely and available to argue about those sorts of things for the other software.
Not to mention typically people are less likely to expect making a suggestion or ranting about something will actually have an impact on commercial software, so they’re again less likely to.

The lack of a similar argument having been made for other commercial software doesn’t make the argument automatically invalid for Blender.


LoL, that’s exactly what’s going on,
it can happen when you start a project without a detailed plan.

(Lsscpp) #84

shhh… that was subtext :wink:
Indeed Blender devs are officially trying and showing us many solutions, and are open to suggestions.
That’s really good.


joking aside, as you stated before, also I don’t think that’s the best strategy.

(TheGrom) #86

just include layout file in the description - “problem” solved,

(burnin) #87

So is any development going on with user friendly customization to UI?
Any progress on better mechanics or is gonna be “use what i design or build your own” forever?
Will thin lines, thicker sliders, split widgets… be back (at least as an option)?
Were simple customizable panels a dream?

:slight_smile: lovely parody from c4d user (done in one go - change whole icon sheet, without rebuilding from source)