Customized IPO's interpolation modes, and Keep shape feature.

Ah… it would be awesome itf we could add our own drawn IPO interpolation modes , now we can only choose , linear,bezier and constant . I use to much sweep like ipos , increasing or decreasing curves , so i would like to be able to add my own ipo interpolation mode . it would save a lot of time.

Keep shape feature.

lets say i got some ipos and i allready did some tweaking on them , but i want to change the value of a key , so i do , but … the keys in between get bezierized , they loose the shape i did , so i have to redo it.

it would be cool that if i already changed the ipo slope , it would stay the way i told blender , it would just change the value of the key but the slope or shape i would remain.

Giorgio, have you tried it with AutoClamped Handles on?


no , i looked around but dont find what they do , could you tel m e :smiley:

Thet were designed to cure ‘overshoot’, nothing to do with your problem really but I’d still like you to make Point-5 an AutoClamped Handle (Alt-H) and then change its value. Theoretically the handles should stay horizontal.

Anyhow, to answer your main question, yes you can add custom curves by selecting the Function on the right (say LocX) with LMB and add the curve and sucessive Points with Ctrl-LMB.