Cut a "pattern hole" in a tube?

I am new to blender and my second big project is to create R2D2. R2D2 got alot of holes and patterns that goes inside his body. I wonder how I can make these holes without destroying the tube.

*look at the fans

  1. Your image link doesn’t work.
  2. You haven’t told what detail level you are going for.
  3. You’ve written too little for any non star wars fan too understand (like me)

If you can write a bit more, I can help.

Here is a method for cutting in details.

I would do the details using several methods. Some can be textures, some can protrude (stick out) Some can be cut in. The whole robot does not need to be one piece. As a general rule, when you make a hole in a mesh, crete a ring or nipple around it that provides more detail than your whole. Like a square hole with a circular mesh placed over it hiding the square edges.

A blend says a 1000 words.


r2.blend (182 KB)

I am sorry. Here is a new link with info. I have heard that retopo worked before but not in blender 2.5. I have also tried Make edge/face but it doesnt work…

I think retopo will make it, but I dont know how to do that in Blender 2.5

2.5 has only been out for 6 months maybe? I don’t use it at all. If you are new to blender, why use tools that are new and untested as well? If you must have this in 2.5, just model it in 2.49 and import it. You really don’t need retopo for this.

3dementia said everything I would have. Start a WIP if you run into any bumps.