Cut and double fold render weird thingy?

Hi, I’m rendering a ribbon which all I did was took a plan, added edge loops in and added a cloth simulater, pinned the on edge down and added a wind simulater on the end to simulate a ribbon flowing. in the 3D window looks great. In the render, the end of the ribbon just ends, and almost like gets moved and added as a double under my ribbon, check it out . . .

Does any1 know why?


In your outliner in the upper right, the “plane” object has the eyeball unchecked, but the renderability is checked. This will allow you to see the “plane” object when you render the active scene, but not in the viewport. I bet that extra ribbon in the ribbon is the “plane” object. Try unchecking the camera button also.

Sorted, thx!!! I owe YOU!!!:smiley: