Cut and slide edge

Hello fellow Blender Artists! I’m new(ish) to blender so sorry for the simple question.

What is the best way to re-direct the poly flow in the attached image? I am using the latest build of 2.53 and looking for a cut poly tool and also some kind of edge slide tool.


You’ll need to tut the edge with Ctrl+E / subdivide or K+LMB for knife tool or Ctrl+R for loop cut
You will need to rebuild the mesh after this to your desired topology
Edge slide = Ctrl+E / Edge Slide

Thank you kind sir, I will give this a try.

Also don’t underestimate the value of deleting polys. Delete the triangle and the one next to it and now you can create a new edge in the middle of the polys the go into the hole. Use ctrl r for that. There are your targets (two edges). Now in edge select mode just select your pairs of edges to create the flow (2 quads) making all quads from the edges on the top of the hood where your new hole was (from deleting the polys). Maybe difficult to explain but very fast to do.