cut at a specific angle. and divided into bisectors

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I need cut in specifics angles… for example 22.5 but knife don’t have this option… also I want divide an triangle in bisectors and I can’t too!!! some helps please??? also do you can divide a triangle in N iqual triangles??? do you make multiple cuts to the same angle???



some ideas:

You forgot to mention what you need to cut and why?

You could cut triangle in many ways. One way is to use knife tool with axis constraint (K, C). Here are some others:

From top row, left to right:

  • Loop cutting a triangle is possible by cheating and turning it to a quad momentarily: In the screenshot I’ve selected the top vertex, Ctrl+shift+B to make a vertex bevel and I gave it a little bit of bevel by holding shift while moving mouse. It’s then possible to loop cut and when done, select all and W -> remove doubles. F6 after that if you need to increase the merge distance.
  • If you need straight cuts, could select edges from opposite sides and W -> subdivide
  • To make it of even smaller triangles, could select the whole triangle and press alt+P to make it a triangle fan

thanks for answer

exist another option to do this without “cheating”???

the last option (alt p) don’t work… if you see real bisectors are in the texture but any option of poket face work… alternative option??

thanks again


You can cut in any precise angle with Knife tool, just make helper plane(s) with correct angles front of the mesh.

cool… !! should be automatic with knife but this is a cool alternative… thanks :smiley:

hi… in order to divide using the vertex and bisectors we can use the w/subdivide and change to quancorner type fan …a really good option :smiley: without cheating! :smiley:

That does not produce the angle bisectors. Every angle you’ve produced is different. The post asks for angles that are the same.