Cut hole in slightly curved / beveled surface

Hey everyone!

I’m currently trying to get better with looking and optimizing my topology, and this reveals problems starting with - what I thought were - very easy exercises. I created a plane with a beveled edge and tried in various ways to cut a hole exactly on the bevel. Furthermore I wanted to extrude the edges of the hole and bevel its edges. In the pictures I’m showing what I’m approaching.
How would you solve this problem?
What worked best so far was the shrink wrap modifier, yet it still gives me weird results when shading the object smooth.
I’ve tried my luck with plenty of YouTube tutorials, but still I’m really stuck when it comes to topology and keeping it ‘clean’.

Would be very thankful for your tips and tricks!!

~ S

I would Boolean out the hole, apply the Boolean and then clean up the vertices around the hole, merging verts so that the circle of vertices making up the shape of the hole remain circular. Then use something like the Offset command in MESHMachine to create a loop around the hole followed by bevelling with Ctrl+B

Kinda like this

Unless you want to buy Mesh Machine there is IMO no easy way to do this, I tried for days also when trying to get it right.

Get your topo like I have and it will be solved. The blue lines are the edges bevel weight to 1.

Hope this helps