Cute As A Button

It has always been fun to go back to the topic I hold very dear to my heart. And the thing is, even though I have created many trousers and shorts before, this is the piece where I fully come to understand how trousers are made and designed, and finally say that I make it by the tailor’s way.

It’s so easy to fall back to the ‘fake it till you make it’ 3D modeling approach when it comes to making trousers.

I guess it’s right when people say that teaching make one understands the taught subject better. Because I do understand better about trousers after I taught about making trousers.

In case you’re interested as much as I am on learning about making shorts, then you’d be delighted to know that I’ve also shared a full course about women’s (for now) shorts making on Youtube.

Here’s the playlist.

And here’s a fun assembly animation. After all this time, it still amazes me how great Blender’s Cloth Simulation actually is.

I hope you enjoy it. Comments, advise, and suggestions are welcome!