Cute but Dangerous

Hi everyone!

This is a personal project I created for the “Weekly CG Challenge” with the topic “Cute but Dangerous”.

It was created using Blender, Cycles Render, Instant Meshes (for auto-retopology), PixPlant (for some textures) and Photoshop (for effects and post-processing, like smoke & fire -> just images, no simulations). The high res image I rendered using RenderStreet, with 1200 Samples in 3840x2160. All in all it took me about 15 h, to create it from start to finish.

More images & high res render here:

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Awww! Cute!

The eyes and the skin are very well done!

Amazing! :open_mouth:

Amazing colors, i really like them! Funny subject :wink:

Hahaha ! Funny and cute ! I love is (lack of) expression.

I saw the full-sized image on Artstation, you clearly nailed the idea of that thing being nothing but trouble (despite the cute and innocent facade that is displayed).

The atmosphere also really helps to make everything stand out.