Cute little elephant project.

Heya all,
This is a project that I finished over a week ago, but I couldn’t post it because it was a B-Day present for a friend of mine and I didn’t want to risk her finding out about it before I could give it too her.

(I’ve uploaded my blendfile to blendswap, link can be found further down)

The Cute little elephant project.
In this project I wanted to use blender to get something that went beyond a digital render, I wanted to really have something ‘real’ I could ‘give’ to her.
I modeled a very simple elephant model that I wanted to have 3d printed for her birthday. I thought this was gonna be easy but it turned out to be quite a challenge :yes: it took 3 full days of tweeking settings and the model itself to get it to print right :frowning: but in the end it turned out alright I think :eyebrowlift:.

photo-shoot of the result:
![ _ristridyn-d5alz8u.jpg]( _ristridyn-d5alz8u.jpg)
![ _ristridyn-d5alzjc.jpg]( _ristridyn-d5alzjc.jpg)
![ _ristridyn-d5alzqb.jpg]( _ristridyn-d5alzqb.jpg)
![ _ristridyn-d5am00x.jpg]( _ristridyn-d5am00x.jpg)

![ _ristridyn-d5am0fu.jpg]( _ristridyn-d5am0fu.jpg)

It’s very wierd to hold an plastic model in your hands that you’ve only seen on screen and that started out as 8 little vertecies in a cube XD

This is a video I made of the printing itself, more info on this can be found in the video’s description.

The 3d model of this elephant can be downloaded from, the model is all rigged. and should be suited for animation though I only tested this rig for posing…

The Photoshoot was done with a Canon 600D. I photographed it on a simple white paper and then edited it in Photoshop to get this very bright look.
After that I rendered a wireframe image of the models that I positioned over the photo to show the wireframe of the model in this picture.

Any critique or advice is welcome!
And I am always happy to answer any questions you might have.


Hm, pretty neat! At first I thought this was going to be some boring render, turns out it’s photos…

So do you own a reprap?

Nope, but an (ex-)teacher does and he helped out with this project :slight_smile: