Cutter plug-in ?

(system) #1

some time ago (i think it was in the forum) somebody wanted to make a cutter plugin for blender. Anyone knows if it’s done already or if he/she quits makin it? I don’t remember who it was…

I would like to have such a plugin like in maya ( the 2nd pic, the thing with the red line). Is that possible?


(rndrdbrian) #2

I don’t think such a tool is possible with the current Blender API



(eeshlo) #3

I’m sure something like that would be possible, I recently came across this:

Click ‘Rusty Knife’ or simply use this link:

It’s not perfect, it only seems to work if selected faces share edges.

It is a shame how a lot of things if it is not in english, seem to be not noticed or simply ignored…