Cutting a circle for extruding into a curved surface

Hi guys.

I’m currently busy modelling a car and would like to know how I would cut a whole in a curved surface.
Here are images to describe what I want to do:

I want to then extrude the circle in.
here is what it should look like:

I need a solution that works with Subdivision and doesn’t create an uneven surface.

Thanks in advance
Ivan Kahl

you will need to use surface snapping, also known as retopo.

Either surface snapping that Modron mentioned or projecting with shrinkwrap.


  • Circle (10 vertices), aligned
  • Face snapping and option to snap on to another object enabled
  • In edit mode, move (g) all vertices and snap them on the curved object by holding down ctrl and pointing on the object


  • Apply circle rotation (ctrl+a) so that you get the correct axis in the modifier
  • Add shrinkwrap modifier, enable project option, project axis, positive and negative, and on which object it needs to wrap
  • Apply shrinkwrap modifier

Join the two objects in object mode (ctrl+J) and connect the edges in edit mode. Also, add perimeter loops near the hole edge.