Cutting a cylinder into a cube?

I want to cut a circular hole into the cube. I have a cylinder that takes the shape of the hole, is there any easy way to do this?


i think the easiest was would be to use a boolean modifier. select the cube add modifier boolean and type the name of the cylinder in the input filed and select difference than click apply. than you can delte the cylinder and there’s a hole in the cube where the cylinder was.

exactly what I needed, thank you!

Although the vertices that are carved into the cube are a bit sloppy :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course it’s sloppy… that’s they quick and easy approach the function is made for (you did say first you wanted “easy”). If you can give a screenshot confirming the direction and size of the base shapes, someone might be able to suggest a less easy but tidier way of extruding a similar result.

Here is a way to make a cylindrical hole in a cube (no Booleans):

  1. Go into Edit Mode (Tab) on the default cube. Switch to Face Selection Mode with Control Tab>Faces. Select 2 faces of the cube (opposite of each other).
  2. Press W>Subdivide Multi and accept the value of 2 (this gives a nice center face to use).
  3. Select the two newly-created center faces. Now we want to add some vertices, so we subdivide it a couple of times (W>Subdivide).
  4. Now deselect all (A). Select only one set of center faces. Press Control Shift S, and drag it all the way to 1.000. Do the same for the other side.
  5. Select the faces of the circles and press X>Delete Faces.
  6. Now we have a nice hole. Now we have to bridge between the holes. Press Control Tab>Edges. Select the edges of both holes using Alt RMB and subsequently Alt Shift RMB. Press F>Skin Faces/Edgeloops.

If you want to change the size of the hole, select its insides, and press S then Shift-axis you don’t want to scale on.

And there you have it! If this is too confusing don’t hesitate to ask for help.

there is another script for boolean that you can download that seems to work better than the one from blender

see post
and donwload version 16 i think is the latest one

Good luck


I’ve just thought of a better way (No Bootlean)

  1. Make a cube.
  2. Enter Edit Mode.
  3. Subdivide the cube a few times.
  4. Turn on the no see through button (Forgot the name.).
  5. CTR + LB and select a smaller amount of vertices on one side (Should be a cube shape).
  6. SHIFT + s key and select “Cursor to selection”.
  7. Under edit tab select “To Sphere” and select O.K.
  8. Now delete faces. Done. (Depending, use a subsurf modifier to make a rounder hole.)

The easiest of all for perpendicular cuts is using 2 Bezier Curves.

If you need a more specific angle then use Cookie Cut from View script who was recently discussed in Modeling forum.