Cutting a smooth circle in a sphere.

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I am trying to follow a tutorial for making realistic eyes (Pixar eyes). I am trying to cut the pupil into the sphere. I can not seem to make the circle smooth. I have tried SMOOTH and SET SMOOTH. Neither seem to make the cirlce smooth. They just affect the sphere. I have also tried subdividing the area where I cut the circle. It helps to make it less jagged, but it still is not smooth. The tutorial assumes how to do this.

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If you use a UV Sphere, you shouldn’t have that much of a problem. Here’s a great tutorial on how to make an eye, if you’re interested:

It totally changed my approach.

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It depends of how fine your sphere is. You should use an UV sphere with quite fine subdivision.

Set smooth is only an ‘optical’ effect, it does not actually smooth.


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Look at those images :

If you take one of the rings as a guide you can erase the vertices on one side of it and get a smooth hole. If you must, select the vertices around the hole, subdivide and smooth, both once.

Good luck.

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You don’t cut the hole. You use a uv sphere, turn that sunbitch sideways and stick! Oh…I got caught in a wreslting moment there :slight_smile:

Turn it sideways and get out of edit mode so you see all the vertices. Select the tip of the sphere and COPY. Copy three times cus you’re gona be need three seperate peices that fit into one.

From there you just start deleting faces/vertices on each peice. Now delete all three peices on the original sphere, then stick the three copied peices in and texture them up.

Also keep in mind, you need to seperate each peice.

You can see my PIXAR eyes on my new character.

Its in the I MADE THIS forum under Charcter wtih PIXAR EYES

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I feel sooo stupid. I was trying to put the circle just anywhere on the sphere. I see now that I have to put it in line with the concentric circles. It is easy now. Thanks.