Cutting Grass

Hello Blender users, and thanks for reading this.

I’ve been using blender for a while now but for the first time I am trying to put together a game.
My question is, that I am trying to make a grass cutting animation similar to that of a Zelda game. I understand animating with armatures but I am not sure how I would animate that sort of exploding grass effect and put it in a game engine.

What I have is my grass object, a single object that I want to preform this animation I would also like the cut flakes in the air to disappear while leaving a sump.
I have thought of spiting the object into the stump and the leaves (top part) and having only that top preform the animation while the sump just sits there. but I am still unsure of how to do this.

If there is a tutorial for this a link would be greatly appreciated.

again thank you for your time, Jon

also if there is already a tread about this I couldn’t find one, but if there is could someone pm me a link and feel free to delete this.

Thanks again

Hello again, I wanted to ask if using the explode modifier and recording that animation and setting it to go off when the player hits it would work, or would the particles mess it up.

again thanks

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just have two objects - one for the grass uncut, and another for the grass that has been cut. Switch between them with, for example, a Edit Object > Replace Mesh actuator, when you want to. It should be pretty simple.