Cutting, Trimming, or Clipping Meshes

Is there any easy way to use one mesh to clip another mesh?

For example, take a plain ordinary square. Now suppose you want to cut a nice cylindrical hole through that square. If I were to make a cylinder the size that I want the hole to be, intersect it with the square and say, “use the size and shape of the cylinder to make a hole in the square, oh mighty blender!” What would the keyboard, or blender commands be to do that?

I need to make an engine block and cut a bunch of holes in it for the cylinders to go into. But any kind of a hole cutting technique or clipping technique would help me out for all kinds of projects I’ll be working on soon.

Thanks for any input.


W key,

the type of function you are looking for is a boolean difference, the other two types of boolean functions are intersection and addition

That only works with closes meshes. What if I’m not working with a closed mesh? Can this only be done manually?


I don’t think so, but really, I don’t know of any engine components that have a thickness of 0.

The E-key will extrude a shape and give it volume.