I was woundering if some1 would help me!! I keep trying to download the CVS stuff but when I try to get to the download place they just send me to a different place. This keeps going on till I’m back at the vary same page I started with.

So could any1 please, please, please give me a easy step by step tutorial thing. As in go here to download it then put it in this file, do this to configure it .etc…


Download what … from where ?

Hmm “CVS stuff” eh ?

That could refer to either :

  • compilers + CVS source code for Linux / Windows / Mac

---- depending on which O.S. a number of options for compilers

  • a “CVS build” (compiled executable) for Linux / Windows / Mac

What are you trying to download / do ?

Do you want to compile Blender sources ?

Do you just want to run a CVS version on ( Linux / Windows / Mac) ?


I wanted the source codes for window.