CW Eye - Another Procedural Eye Material

Hello friends.

I am back with a new shader tree.

I know there are already some really cool eye shader trees out there, like the one by Lucas Falcao f.e., but I tried it and made an own.

You can get it on my gumroad shop if you like. Here is the link to my shop:

Or you support the Blender foundation and get the material on Blendermarket:

Click the video on YouTube for detailed description.

Here are the stats and some examples.

What does the download include:
Five cool eye presets are included in this package. Feel free to use them as a starting point for your own variations!

Your results can be baked optionally into textures by using Blenders internal bake system.


  • No UV information needed to create eyes
  • Customise iris size, colors and two adjustable pattern styles
  • Add an iris shadow and customise its position and smoothness
  • Customise pupil size and color
  • Customise sclera color and variation
  • Customise veins color, influence and distribution
  • Bumpmap support for veins and complete iris
  • Addtional effects like iris splotches and iris border shadow
  • Fresnel reflection effect and reflection intensity supported
  • Output slots for baking Normalmaps (Tangent normalmap) and Bumpmaps (Greyscale image)
Package includes
  • .blend file ( Created in Blender version 2.79 )
  • Five example presets. Included in the Blender scene.
  • Renderings of the eye presets.

By buing this product you support my work to create more cool stuff.



Some more examples.



whoa that’s great!

Thank you. I hope the people like it.

And here is the complete description for V.1, like promised.


Hi friends.

I have published a small update version 1.1.

Here the small new features quickly explained:

And here is the promised tutorial how to bake the procedural eye information into a regular texture using Blenders internal bake system:

Thank you for your support!


Can this make a animal eye (like a oblong iris) ?

Hi Chris.

No, not yet…
I am working on this feature and will release it in one of the future updates.

Currently (v.1.2) the AddOn is limited to create round procedural eyes.

Best wishes

Hi friends.

I have released a new update for my CW Eye Material.

Changes for v1.2:

  • Sclera cloud effect added. Values like cloud color, size, blur factor and variations can be altered
  • Iris border blur effect improved
  • Complete Iris patterns can be baked in greyscale bumpmap now
  • Iris pattern bumpmap effect expanded: Pattern create bumpmaps now
  • Iris pattern bumpmaps are individual and have no influence to the main cornea reflection
  • No external diffuse node for bumpmap baking needed

Customers can download the update for free.

I am on Blendermarket now, too. So if you want to support the Blender foundation you can do it by buing my AddOn there.

See my video on YouTube for detailed v1.2 update descriptions:

Thank you


Hello friends.

A small note: If you maybe know Blendermarket is offering a Spring Sale currently. The sale is ending on this Saturday (05-18-2018).

While this period my Eye Material can be purchased for a 25 % discount too.
If you are interested please visit my product website to get it cheaper:

For alternative you can visit my gumroad shop too. There I am offering a 25 % discount for all my products too. Just type in the code “springsale2018” into the purchase box and you get the discount.

Thank you for your support

PS: Soon I will publish a small update. :slight_smile:

Hi friends.

I have released a small but important update for my CW Eye Material.

Changes for v1.3:

  • Customisable Iris shadows with color, intensity, position and smoothness settings.

Use the new iris shadows to simulate depth. The iris shadow direction is dynamic and can be animated if you are familiar with Blenders driver system. Creating much more natural looking eyes is possible now.

This feature update is free for all customers, as always.

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For everybody who wants to know how my nodetree look like… Here we go:

I haven’t forgotten you!

Version 2 of CW Eye is on the way… I’ve not released it yet. So give me some more time and stay tuned, please.

The whole material was rebuild to guarantee Cycles and Eevee render support. I’ve some nice new ideas and will try to implement them all as possible.

Thank you all for the recent support. Don’t forget: Free lifetime updates for all clients. :slight_smile:

Support me and the Blender development and get the current version on

Thank you

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Above image: Eevee rendering. Render time: 8 seconds at 256 samples on a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

Hello friends!

CW Eye v2 is in progress. For everyone who can’t await the upcoming update I’ve prepared an special alpha version for testing purposes.

All customers gets free lifetime updates for my materials. So just log into your preferred shop and download the new alpha version. CW Eye is available on Blendermarket and Gumroad.

There is a sale on Blendermarket currently! Save 25 % until May 19th, 2019.

What is new in v2 alpha 1 version?

  • Completely Blender 2.8 compatible
  • Works in Eevee and Cycles renderer
  • Completely rebuild for faster feedback
  • New: Cat eyes
  • New: Glass FX

… more features are in progress, so stay tuned!

Important for everyone who don’t know it:
CE Eye is a real procedural material. No bitmaps used nor UVs or special eye meshes needed. Just add the material to any object and that’s it.


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