Cyberatonica 2014

CYBERATONICA 2014 project

Made with BLENDER 2.6 - 2.72


Thank you for watching


Wow that is amazing. Would you mind sharing a wireframe?

Wow…such a wonderful job on this … The girl character is beautiful. Something tells me this is going to find it’s way into feature row.

Incredible. 5 Stars for sure.

Impressive. Great work

Amazing job! Waiting for the 2015 version already XD

Jesus H. Christ on rubber crutches that’s impressive…checked out the whole set…or as a friend of mine from Texas would say…“Fine ? that’s as fine as a frog’s hair split 3 ways and sanded”…guess that covers it…

I know about some of your work, you have made wonderful images and 3d, though I guess the girl in the image is a photo of Ekaterina, isn’t she?


Не знал, что Вам еще и Blender подвластен :slight_smile:
Для ретопологии (посмотрел о проблеме в давно подзабытом жж) очень рекомендую Bsurfaces (в комплекте), Contours retopology tool (платный). Есть еще Polystrips от тех же разработчиков, но его еще не покупал, ничего не могу сказать, хотя вроде вещь очень удобная.

You know you’re a real Blender user when you use multiple versions for one project. And it looks like you follow Blender Guru tuts too, judging by the design choices of the background. Jokes aside this is amazing. I get chills just thinking of the poly count and render times. You deserve the top row for sure.:yes:

I did not know people still talk like that. What are you 10? Grow up.

wow. how did I miss this one? The human girl is so real looking!
(edit) this should go in the gallery, imo.

and what does this mean?

This is one of the most prolific artists I’ve ever come across. The site is a wreck but the work and words are absolutely amazing. I’m not sure how none of us have come across this name before… probably because it’s usually Cyrilic? Виталий Сокол

modron, your link shows a video with a robot arm, yes, that is right. but it is not the same robot arm, it is similar, but differs not only in details (ellbow is constructed quite different) … i like to see a wireframe of the whole scene, as [hris has also requested.

it shows the entire mesh, just not in the first frame. to be honest though I did not compare the two closely.

and, more recherche with google shows, vitalij sokol and willyam bradberry are same person… i apologize if my question was feeled offending. but i remembered the image, with name bradberry, since i admired it so much when i saw it first time …

you’re just being protective of his work, which is good.

Looks good, but the photo of the woman doesn’t completely blend with the CG scene. One of the problems is the lighting, but another big one is the perspective. It looks like she’s sitting on the floor, making her look gigantic compared to the robot.

Imagine when games will have such wonderful characters T_T