Blender 2.66-2.67
Render: Cycles

Thx for watching


I’m loving this, especially the second image. Good job!

How did you do such perfect hologram effects?

Using transparent shader and mixing node with emission shader and texture with alpha as a factor. Easy. =)

thats pretty damned good

the second image is the one

Great render and nice model! I love the background too:D

prettydamnedgood. This is the word.
Awesome work, dude!

This is really amazing. Quality work, simply breathtaking.

Interesing nipples…um i mean… desing :wink:

Throughout your artwork is nice and excellent


lol . That`s what i was thinking.
Nice job indeed though. The holograms look really amazing. The robot design is pretty good as well. The face could use a bit more work though. Her face looks like spiderman which is not good lol. Try some other concept imo.
Good luck and nice job ones again.

I agree with AlinB. It’s excellent work. But, the face does take a little away. I think that’s why everyone likes the second image. It’s more feminine than the other two.

Excellent work all around. I think it could be awesome with a bit different face.

Aspiration in a nutshell!! Brilliant.