Cyberpeople: Curie

Hello! I created my first character!
She is Curie, named after the unit of radioactivity and live in cyber-space.

Please check the video :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

I made this texture which decide the height and the values to mix 3 materials. To change the pattern of this, I only have to re-paint. :arrow_down:

And This texture is for her makeup. I can easily change the size of her eyeshadows and rip with colorlamp because this texture has blurred painting.:arrow_down:

Heel-Boots! (Inspired by the concept art of Tron Legacy) :arrow_down:



That’s cool!)

Fantastic. Post a better image as the first image in your post, then it could be featured!

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Really nice work. Those shoes are great.

nice work !!!

I changed the first image :wink:
That is my most favorite image!

very nice video!

this looks good.i like program chatbots on botlibre and personality forge.i like talking to the labyia chatbot about science and technology and asking her tell jokes to me.sometimes she tells a story.she seems intelligent to me.i cannot wait until chatbots get artificial general intelligence.

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Wow! Thank you :slight_smile: :smile::grin:

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I am building a space age MMORPG with Cyborgs as enemies. I would like to offer you a position in modelling. Interested?

Also, I could Use you for animations as well. Good job so far :slight_smile:

loving the look of your character! your node setups are absolutely ridiculous; i cant even fathom how much work was put in! hope to see more of your characters soon!

excellent work on morphology.
the movement is impeccable.
I would see a little extra flexibility in walking.
thank you, bravo