Cyberpunk Frankenstein

Thumbnail (will update as I progress):

In my character design class I’ve chosen to create four characters loosely based on Frankenstein and set in a cyberpunk-ish universe. I’ve been working mostly in 2D for the project but have decided to try and complete my 2D designs in 3D for the final review of my work, starting with Frankenstein’s Monster. I plan to use Blender, ZBrush, Substance Painter and Photoshop for this project. My aim is to complete it mostly in 3d, but if I run into time constraints I’ll end up doing a paintover using the model as reference.

So far I’ve completed a rough blockout of my original design. I plan to tweak the anatomy and proportions to look more interesting and to fix some of the overall design, then I will start to refine the shapes more.

Literally any critique is welcome.

Edit: here’s a quick shot of my reference board for anyone interested.


I’ve blocked out most of the head in ZBrush:

It’s a bit rough because I’m still fairly new to ZBrush. I think i’ll work on the head a bit more and then export it into Blender to finish blocking out the body. The head ornament is looking a little… moosey. I should probably fix that.

I did a paintover to try out some tweaks and preview the finished concept. Unfortunately due to a lack of time (finals week) I think i’ll have to leave the model untextured and do a paintover of a render in Photoshop or CSP.

Touched up a bit more

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