Cyberpunk (Hans Sketchbook)

Here I will be making some fictional weapons based of my favorite games and this time I choose Doom’s art style. I am doing this to practice my game asset modeling skills.

The base mesh for the plasma shotgun is done. Now I just gotta add some details and do some adjustments I see fit from time to time.

The internals:

Added more details the internals.

Added more color combinations.

It will just continue to get better overtime

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The Externals:

Added more details and did some beveling

Threw some bits of StarCraft into the mix

Will combine the guns into one

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Base external shell finished. The images above are the internals

Changed the barrel to 1 only
Reworked the gungrip and buttstock area

Added an hologram projector to display ammo count for the current mag

Fixed the gun grip and added an adjustable “rear stock”

More details to the internal barrel

Added more details to the butt stock and added a carbon fiber butt plate which can be adjusted to fit the user’s needs

Made the gun grip and the trigger assembly smoother

Added more details to the shells by adding screw mountings and markings

To do:

Add more details to the internals and model damaged versions with the internals showing

Final color sceheme and I tried playing around with the new Blender 2.8 and I found the freestyle option and I see it is cool to stylize your renders as if they are from anime or comics or manga


Grasshoper Bike!


Early design stages

Resized various parts and tweaked the colors

Further adjustments for today:



I really like this style of modeling. :+1:
For inspiration, this link offers great vehicle concepts of all kinds…: (with Side View, Front, Rear… . . .)

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Thanks for sharing some ideas. They will definitely help.

In the meantime, I decided to work on an old scifi project inspired by the Ace Combat game series.

The AntiGrav Star Fighter


keep on keeping on! Amazing work!

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