Cyberpunk Streetscape

Hi my names Daz and I’m from Sydney.<br><br>I’ve been browsing for a while now and I’m really keen to make some new like-minded friends.<br><br>I am working on my demo reel and one of the key pieces is this cyberpunk streetscape.<br><br>There are alot of obvious things I need to do, such as put in a background, animate the billboard, give the people a walk cycle and add some details like more street signs and neons.<br><br>Some other bits and bobs include possibly adding rain (depending on how difficult that is), I want to add particle effects, such as trash to the sidewalk that is blowing along and fog and steam.<br><br>Everything is still a little bland at the moment, I hope members can give me some tips and pointers.<br><br><img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/8/8/88efc264c263b7618bae562045656e22e63f549d.jpgstc=1" attachmentid=“268855” alt="" id=“vbattach_268855” class=“previewthumb”><img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/a/d/ad4554ac0809f8fa399a84271663d1393488d1ec.jpgstc=1" attachmentid=“268856” alt="" id=“vbattach_268856” class=“previewthumb”><img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/4/a/4adeb5a586db6f3b3f4ce5e46ff5504d08c08533.jpgstc=1" attachmentid=“268857” alt="" id=“vbattach_268857” class=“previewthumb”>


I’m trying to fake some smoke effects, its only going to be subtle, but I’m getting these wierd box shapes appearing in the middle of my cycles rendrered smoke (which is a particle system with the planes facing the camera like sprites).

Awesome! I love cyberpunk themed pieces. There’s different ways you can go about giving it the cyberpunk feel. I am assuming you have seen Blade Runner. If not, you should def see it or look up some short vids on youtube. It has a very grungy cyber punk feel. If you wanted something with a more modern feel and less grungy maybe check out the Total Recall remake.
Rain/fog/smog would all be ways to give it that cyberpunkish atmosphere. A crowd of people would be good too. If you can’t pull of rain then maybe you could make everything wet and drippy. It reflections from all the neon would contribute to the atmosphere.
So far it’s lookin sweet!

Thanks, Right now I just have to focus on smoke and how I’m going to fake fog and some of the volumetric effects that are not supported in cycles.

I hope it will be available soon.

Hi Daz I like a lot the idea!, you can add a lot more of neon signs, I like a lot the japanese ones!, maybe with more neon lights you can light the street giving it more dynamism. Also the garbage is a good idea. Like Ranger910 said rain/fog/smog can help a lot.

Grunge. Add litter, rust, dirt. Go on cg textures and use their grunge maps and paint them on in gimp. From ther create bump and spec maps giving it more variation.

Also render on more samples.

Good idea, it has lots of potential