Cyborg Insect

Hello everybody

I started a new model, this time something involving hard surface modelling to improve my skills in this field of 3d modelling.
It’s a sort of humanoid mechanical insect, sci-fi genre, modelled initially with Sculptris (with a lot of Flat and pinch brush : ) ) and then retopologized in Blender with Bsurfaces. I found Cycles preview really useful about quick feedback for the model materials.
Hope you like it. Comments and critics are very welcome.

omg, now tthis is what im talking about. thanks for putting the time into this that it took to make this cool

this model looks amazing, man! It’s sculpt then retopologise, you said? We would all enjoy a timelapse/tutorial if possible :slight_smile:

Of how many parts is it composed of? I can also see there are no Ngons/triangles at all, so good job!

Keep on working!!!

Thanks for the congrats! The model was “sculpted” initially with a lot of flat and pinch brush to obtain the rigid look for the major planes and then retopologized trynig to keep the geometry as quad as possible . The small details comes from normal poligons

I don’t think your skills need improving. :eek:

Apart from the awesome modeling detail you show here, the materials are also incredible. The fourth image down (the straight on one) looks like incredibly realistic plastic and rubber. Awesome job.

hello everybody

here it is a major update of my model, it takes a lot of times to create because of
many other different things to do and because there isn’t a final design, so I’m
designing this creature while I’m modeling.
It’s not the final version of the body, but I think it’s going in the right way.
Hope you like it, comments and critics are very welcome.

very cool!!

Great job.

Definitely insect-like.